Durian Lava Buns by Phoenix Lava, Thailand!

When it comes to durian, you either hate it or love it. There’s no in between. Well, it seems like there are many durian lovers who use FlyJelly, so much so that these durian lava buns from Phoenix Lava in Thailand have risen as a top trending request on the platform.

These adorable buns shaped just like durian flesh are made with made with Monthong Durian, one of Thailand’s most popular Durian varieties, best known for its rich and sweet flavour. The buns are steamed to ultimate gooey goodness, then heat-stamped with the Phoenix Lava logo and ready to be sold and consumed.

If durian isn’t your thing, Phoenix Lava also serves lava buns in a variety of exciting flavours, such as cheese bacon, uji matcha and mikan!

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