How I Use Flyjolly to Earn 4 times Credit Card Reward Point

I am a sales engineer and I travel to UK once every few month. Flyjolly is a perfect tools for frequent traveler like me to earn extra income out of my free luggage space. I have earn myself nearly RM3000 through the platform. Apart from the descent commission, I am also benefit from the tax refund. As a foreigner i can claim 20% VAT tax in UK by presenting the receipt in any international airport. I also shop with my citibank credit card as it help me earn as much as 4 times foreign reward point for my oversea shopping, the accumulated reward point is enough for me to redeem a return flight to europe. Citibank also provide complimentary free limo taxi service in KLIA airport if I present 4 oversea shopping  receipt. Overall it was a huge benefit i got from Flyjolly and I strongly recommended it.

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