Shopping for Others Can Also Be A Career ?

I am a stewardess and I always help others buy thing from oversea. Flyjolly is a perfect platform for me to earn some side income while traveling. Unlike other “Daigou” (personal shopper) platform, Flyjolly offer very descent commission and it also skip the hassle of back-and-forth negotiation with different requester, the hundreds and thousands of offer in Flyjolly was “Ready to Grab” deal, no negotiation is needed ! To locate a product from oversea is quick as Flyjolly provide detail “Where to Buy” info. The others advantages of using Flyjolly is that it allow me to earn from my multiple trip, example I will stop by Japan, UK and Singapore. I can easily browse and add all products from related countries and manage them under one cart, for item that I fail to buy Flyjolly allow user to cancel it without penalty. As Flyjolly request user to fulfill the order within 14 days, however I may not be back to Malaysia within agree time, Flyjolly has such feature that allow me to extend my fulfillment days… The user friendly interface help me manage my cart easily. I am happy with Flyjolly and I have introduced it to my fellow colleagues who were also happy to make some easy cash like me.

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