Frequently Asked Questions

What Do People Normally Ask

1. What is the benefit of becoming FLYJOLLY register traveler?

Join FLYJOLLY and becoming register traveler. You can earn as much as 120% commission on every purchase you buy from oversea. You will also earn 4 time credit card reward point for every dollar you spent oversea (T&C may vary from different credit card issuer). You may also buy yourself something with bigger discount when you help FLYJOLLY buy in bulk quantity. Also you may earn more if product is eligible for custom duty fee refund. There are many more benefits waiting for you to discover!

2. How do I create a user account?

Create an account via Facebook/Gmail – Simply click on ‘Login with Facebook/Gmail’. Log in Facebook/Gmail with your email and password, allow permission for FLYJOLLY to associate with your Facebook/Gmail account. Your FLAYJOLLY account will be created automatically and you are now ready to shop and earn!

Create an account with a username and password – You can also create a FLYJOLLY account by entering an email address and password. Simply fill in your personal info on the FLYJOLLY sign up page and click ‘Sign Up’. You will receive an email notification with a link to activate your FLYJOLLY account. Make sure to check your ‘Spam’ or ‘Junk’ folder if you are unable to find your activation email.

3. Is it mandatory to provide my contact number during registration?

No it is not mandatory. FLYJOLLY value traveler privacy and it is up to traveler should he or she choose to provide contact number associated with Watsapp communication that will help real time support in case of traveler facing problem oversea and required immediate help, alternatively user may contact us by messaging.

4. How do I change my password ?

You can reset or change your password by visiting ‘My Account’ and select “Change Password”. Enter your current password and new password and then click on ‘Update password’. Your password will be reset when your log out.

5. What if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot Password?” from the Sign In page. Enter the email used for your FLYJOLLY account and you will receive a notification email with a link to reset your password. Simply follow the steps to reset your new password accordingly.

6. Is there any fee Traveler need to pay for using FLYJOLLY platform ?

There is no fee charge to the traveler, instead traveler will get paid to travel! The shipping and payment option provided by FLYJOLLY is FREE if using FLYJOLLY recommended method. Some shipping and payment option may incur charging.

7. What is the FLYJOLLY settlement currency paying to traveler?

FLYJOLLY can display product price in different country currency in order to help you compare pricing easier, the final settlement currency in FLYJOLLY will be calculated in Ringgit Malaysia. Ringgit Malaysia is FLYJOLLY prefer payment currency and there will not be any service fee transferring Ringgit Malaysia within the Malaysia Banking. If traveler wish to get pay in other currency or foreign bank, traveler shall provide his/her foreign account detail or Paypal account, all additional incur charge and processing fee shall be bear by the user.

8. Where does FLYJOLLY operating, can I buy the product and carry to other FLYJOLLY collection point apart from Malaysia?

Currently FLYJOLLY only operate in Malaysia. All product purchase from oversea shall deliver to FLYJOLLY Malaysia Collection Office located in Selangor Shah Alam. Please visit contact us for location map.

9. If I encounter issue in oversea with FLYJOLLY, what is the quickest communication method to resolve my question?

Should you need immediate support oversea, you may contact us by Watsapp for real time support, our customer service operates daily from 9am-5pm Malaysia local time.

1. New register user can only add RM1000 value of product for the first time.

Every new register traveler will only be able to add product with not more than RM1000 value in the cart. Once you have successfully ship out the product and complete your first fulfillment with FLYJOLLY, the RM1000 order limitation will be removed. Your user status will upgrade from “New User” to “Normal User” and there will not be any limitation on your subsequent order.

2. How should i filtering the product to maximize my profit ?

Use our filter option can help you maximize your profit. Example you have 4kg and 3L free luggage space and you will shop some comedic in London. You may browse the UK country page , and filtering product weight < 4kg and size < 3L under “Health and Beauty” category. Flyjolly will auto populate a shopping list based on your preference with highest earning listed on the top. Add as many product as possible in your cart, so that while you shop something for yourself you may also buy the related product Flyjolly wanted and easily make money out of your trip.

3. How do I know the product size and weigh won’t exceed my luggage limit?

Each product has detail description of its Size (Length x Width x Height) and Weight, traveler may also refer to product picture “palm size photo” to have a quick idea of the product relative size.

4. How does the “EARNING” being calculated in FLYJOLLY ?

“You Got Pay” is the lump sum payment FLYJOLLY pay to you once you successful buy the products from oversea. “Market Price” show average market selling price, your final earning will be the “You Got Pay” subtract from the “Market Price”. The actual earning may be higher or lower from FLYJOLLY proposing earning amount depend on your actual purchase price. Traveler can maximize his earning by buying from cheapest seller in the market.

5. The country that I am travelling to is not listed on your site, what should I do?

FLYJOLLY providing 30+ frequent traveling outbound countries from Malaysia and continuing expanding the country list, if you cannot find your traveling country, simply contact us and we will make you a shopping list based on the country you travel.

6. I have added the product to my cart, so what now?

Once you have added the product into cart and checkout successfully, you will be given 14 days to fulfill your order, within 14 days you shall to travel oversea and buy the products carry back to Malaysia, and ship out the product to FLYJOLLY. If your trip were delayed and cannot return to Malaysia within 14 days, you can extend the fulfillment period of your order. You may also edit or cancel product quantity should you have problem to buy the product from oversea.

1. What if i cannot fulfill my order within 14 days ?

Upon traveler added product and submit their order. Traveler will be given 14 days fulfill their order and deliver the products to Flyjolly. Order will be expired after 14 days and auto cancel. If traveler still traveling oversea cannot return to Malaysia within 14 days, you can submit “Extension Request” under “My Account > Manage Order > Processing Order”. You will be given extra days to fulfill your order until you return to Malaysia.

2. Can I edit the product quantity or cancel some products in my cart if I cannot find the product oversea or it has become too expensive to buy that I cannot make any profit?

Yes you can. You can edit product quantity or cancel the product from My Account > Manage Order > Processing Order.

3. Will I be panelized if I cancel the order?

No, traveler will not get penalty if he / she cancel or edit the product quantity.

4. How does Flyjolly “Where to buy” shopping guideline save my shopping time.

Flyjolly provide “Where to Buy” shopping guideline on each product page to assist traveler locate the product easier while traveling oversea. Traveler will find a list of trusted online and offline seller located nearby you. Flyjolly recommend traveler buy product online and ship it to the hotel you stayed to save your shopping time. It is the simplest and fastest way to located Flyjolly wanted products based on past user experience sharing.

5. Is it mandatory I purchase the item following Flyjolly “Where to Buy” listed seller? Can I source the product from other seller who sell cheaper?

It is not mandatory for traveler to shop products from Flyjolly “Where to Buy” listed seller, traveler may use it as a shopping guideline to help you locate product faster. If you know any retail channel that can buy products cheaper, you are encourage to do so to earn more.

6. Do I need to keep original receipt for the purchased item?

Yes, the product purchase oversea shall be present with its original receipt (or electronic copy if buying online) when deliver to Flyjolly. It is to ensure product is genuine and avoid any legal disputes. Flyjolly has the right to reject any product if travelers fail to presents receipt. The product will be return to traveler and payment will be rejected if product was suspected counterfeit.

7. Shall I declare my goods at custom check point when arriving at Malaysia airport?

Travelers are remind to comply with Malaysia Custom Regulation to declare all goods should it be necessary.

1. I am back from oversea to Malaysia, so how should i deliver the product to Flyjolly ?

FLYJOLLY provide 4 shipping option. “Courier Pickup” is FLYJOLLY most recommended shipping method as Courier Company will pick up products from you based on your requested date and location, and it is also FREE for West Malaysia user. Detail of all shipping method as below:

Shipping Description Fees Delivery Time
Courier Pickup
Courier company pickup parcel from traveler based on traveler requested date and location.
Traveler shall properly pack the parcel and attached with consignment note. Learn more.
West Malaysia: Free
East Malaysia: FLYJOLLY subsidy shipping fee and traveler will bear partial shipping cost.
3-5 Working Days
Express Pickup Courier company pickup from user based on request time and location.
It is best use for traveler stopover in airport (KLIA/KLIA2) only. Courier company will meet traveler within specified hour based on traveler request.
Traveler shall bear shipping cost. Within 6 hours.
Courier Delivery Traveler visit POSLAJU or any courier service provider in Malaysia and deliver the parcel to FLYJOLLY office. FLYJOLLY subsidy shipping fee. Travelers bear partial shipping cost. 3-5 Working Days
Self-Delivery Traveler visit FLYJOLLY office located in Selangor and delivers the parcel themselves. Free User self-delivery.
2. How does FLYJOLLY subsidy my shipping fee ?

For West Malaysia user shipping with “Courier Pickup” shipping fee is FREE. For East Malaysia user or user who choose shipping method other than “Courier Pickup” might incur shipping charge, Flyjolly subsidy some of its shipping fee. Summarize shipping rate and shipping fee subsidization as below:

Weight Shipping Subsidy
Courier Delivery Courier Pickup Express Pickup
Selangor, KL Only
Below 1.5KG RM 6 RM 7 Free RM 7 RM 5
1.5-2.5KG RM 9 RM 10 Free RM 11 RM 5
2.5-5.5KG RM 15 RM 17 Free RM 20 RM 5
5.5-7.0KG RM 20 RM 25 Free RM 25 RM 5
Above 7.0KG RM 25 RM 30 Free RM 30 RM 5
3. Should I insure my parcel to avoid any damages or losses?

If you are shipping with Flyjolly recommended shipping method “Courier Pickup”, your parcel is insured by Courier Company and shipping fee is free. If you are shipping with other courier method, it is up to user should he/she want to insured the parcel in case of loses or damage, and the insurance cost is bear by the user.

4. What should I do to prevent item from damage during delivery?

Please refer to “How to Pack Your Parcel” to properly pack your product to avoid any damage during transportation. Flyjolly will not be responsible for any damaging goods during transportation if product were not properly packed.

5. How long does it take for the parcel to be delivered?

User shipped with Flyjolly recommended shipping method “Courier Pickup”, it will take 3-5 working days (excluded sat, sun, public holiday) for courier company to pickup parcel from user and deliver to Flyjolly. For other shipping method, please refer to shipping table listed above for detail delivery time.

6. I only stop by Malaysia few hour before leaving to another destination country, can you pickup parcel from me in the KLIA airport ?

Yes we can dispatch courier company to pick up the parcel from you in the airport during requested time, while choosing shipping option kindly choose “Express Pickup” and specified the pickup time prior landed on KLIA or KLIA2 airport. Our courier partner will meet you up in the airport during agree hour to pick up the parcel from you. However this will incur extra costing and it will be bear by the user. For more detail please refer “Express Pickup” on the shipping table listed above.

7. The product packaging was damaged during my flight, however the product itself is good, can I still deliver the product to you?

Product packaging should be undamaged, if traveler has limited luggage space, to avoid squeezing your product in the luggage you are advice to fold the product packaging and store it properly inside your luggage, then unfold them once you arrive in Malaysia. So that product will fit in your luggage and also protect the packaging from damage.  Flyjolly has the right to reject any product and payment if product packaging was badly damaged.

8. I have shipped out the product, but the courier company claim the parcel were loss, what should I do?

If you are shipping the product with Flyjolly recommended shipping method “COURIER PICKUP”, Flyjolly will traced the product from Courier Company on behalf of you. For other shipping method Flyjolly can assist user on tracking the missing parcel however it is user ultimate responsibility to trace the parcel and follow up with the originate courier branch office. If parcel was deem to be missing with “COURIER PICKUP”, FLYJOLLY will claim the losses on behalf of you from courier company, the refund will depend on courier company investigation and may take up to 2-3 months for the refund to be reflected on your account.

9. When will the courier company comes to pick up my parcel if I choose FLYJOLLY recommended shipping method “COURIER PICKUP”?

The courier representative will be at your doorstep between 12pm to 6pm during requested date. So please have someone available on the pickup location for them to pick up your parcel.

10. What should I do if my parcels have not been delivered after the given time frame?

Please contact us if the parcel has not been delivered after the given time frame, kindly provide us your FLYJOLLY order number or parcel tracking number so we can assist you promptly.

11. What happened if I choose the “COURIER PICKUP” shipping method and parcel has not been collected by courier company after the given time frame?

Even though it is very rare courier company do not pickup parcel during promising time frame, however in unforeseen circumstances such as heavy rain causing road flooded, courier car break down or accident etc which may delayed on pick up time, in such cases the courier company will usually schedule for next day pickup of your parcel. You shall contact us by Watsapp or Email should you encounter any issue during courier pick up.

12. Tips on preventing disputes during shipping.

We strongly advise traveler to take photos of the items before and after packing the parcel. This will help in any allegations that parcel have been tampered or mishandled by courier service provider.

1. What kind of payment option Flyjolly is provided , is there any charge ?

Flyjolly provide 4 payment options to meet different user need. Payment in Ringgit Malaysia and transfer within Malaysia banking using “Interbank Transfer” is free of charge and most recommended. If you required Telegraphic Transfer (TT) to other foreign currency or to another foreign bank, certain amount of processing fee charge by user foreign bank will be bear by the user. Please review payment option for more detail.

Payment Fee Duration
(Exclude Weekend &
Public Holiday)
Interbank Transfer
(Recommended. Within Malaysia Only)
Free 1-2 Days
Telegraphic Transfer (TT) RM10 3-5 Days
Paypal Free 1-2 Days
Cash Payment Free Payment on the spot.
User visit FLYJOLLY office with
supporting document (ID / Passport)
2. I have shipped out the product as request, how long can I received the payment ?

Once Flyjolly has received the product and verified without problem, you shall receive your payment within 3-5 working day (excluded sat, sun and public holiday) depend on the payment method you choose.

3. Can I request to pay in foreign currency instead of Ringgit Malaysia?

Yes you can. Flyjolly settlement currency is calculated in Ringgit Malaysia, should you wish to get paid in foreign currency, it will be converted from Ringgit Malaysia to your prefer foreign currency, the currency rate is based on your foreign banking or Paypal conversion rate during transaction date. Please note that certain amount of banking processing fee may incur and it is bear by the user should you wish to get paid in foreign currency. Please refer to our payment option for detail of payment charge.

4. My order was verified ok but why am I still not getting my payment ?

Once your order has received by Flyjolly and verified ok, the order status shall indicate “Completed”, a notification email will also sent to you once payment has released. The payment shall reflect in your account within 3-5 working days depend on the payment option you choose. Please contact us shall you encounter any issue of receiving your payment.


Choose the right size of box


Fragile item in the parcel shall be wrapped with cushion material (bubble wrap or crushed newspaper)


Seal the box with tape firmly

4.Labeling ( For “Courier Pickup” Only )

FLYJOLLY will email you 2 copies of consignment note, kindly print it out. Keep one copy and stick on top of the box, another copy giving to courier provider who pick up the parcel.

If you are unable to find out the answers you’re looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.