How It Works

Why Use Flyjolly ?


  • Use your extra luggage space and earn up to 120% commission on every product you purchase oversea.
  • Hassle free shopping. FLYJOLLY provide “where to buy” info help traveler locate the product quick & easy.
  • Oversea shopping with your credit card enable you to earn as much as 4 times reward points.
  • Extra earning with products eligible for tax exemption. Simply claim your tax refund in the airport or duty free shop.
  • Buy something for yourself while shopping for others to enjoy bulk discount.
  • User friendly interface. Customize your shopping cart by editing quantity or cancel product with no obligation.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Browse Products

First select the country you are traveling and pick the products that you can help buy from oversea. You may customize your shopping list by filtering the size / weight of products based on your available luggage space or shopping preference in order to maximize your earning. Example you have 3KG or 5L of free luggage space, and you are planning to buy some skin care products for your own in cosmetic shop. You can then search product with size < 5L and weight < 3KG  within category “Health & Beauty”, so that while you shop for yourself in oversea you may also shop the related products FLYJOLLY wanted and easily make money out of your trip.

Step 2

Shop Overseas

Once you are oversea you may shop for the products from your familiar store or simply refer to Flyjolly “where to buy” info to help you easily locate the products. If the products has limited quantity or out of stock, you may edit your cart by adjusting the product quantity or cancel the products and keep only the items that you have successfully purchase. You will be given 14 days to fulfill your order. In case your journey were delayed and cannot reach Malaysia within 14 days. You may choose to extend the fulfillment day so that Flyjolly will reserve the shopping list within extend period. All expired shopping cart will auto cancel after 14 days and offer will be released for other traveler.

Step 3

Deliver Products

Once you are back to Malaysia from oversea, you may submit shipping request and start deliver the product to us by choosing the proper shipping method based on your convenience, FLYJOLLY provide 4 shipping option to fit different user need. “Courier Pickup” is FLYJOLLY most recommended method as we will dispatch our courier partner to pickup products from you based on your request time and location. Parcel should be properly wrapped to avoid any damages during the transportation.

Step 4

Receive Your $$

Once FLYJOLLY received the product from you, our inspection team will verify the products. Payment will be issues once verification done. You shall receive your Payment within 3-5 working days (Excluded Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday) based on the prefer payment option.

Now that you’ve already understand the process, let’s browse some items that you can get!